Using Eclipse WTP for developing application under Websphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE)

This tutorial assumes that you already have Eclipse WTP (Galileo) and WAS CE (2.1) installed correctly. To make sure that your Websphere is installed correctly, start the server and go to the console. If you can do so, you’re in the right track. After that, just shutdown the server because we will manage the server […]

Eclipse Tips: Debugging your multi thread application (2)

This post is another tips of debugging your multi thread application. If you are interested on how to debugging a multi thread application, probably you will find my first post useful as well. In a multi thread application, it’s still possible to use a certain class from different threads. The problem is if you try […]

Eclipse Tips: (Debugging) Ignoring certain classes from being stepped into

Some of us may have encountered a not so nice experience where you basically got an strange result from a method and decide to step into that method as deep as possible. The problem is somehow you are lost in track and you can’t debug furthermore except if you’re exiting the debug mode or resuming […]

Eclipse Tips: Auto generate ‘final’ on your variable, field, and parameter

If you are reading a lot of blogs about Java lately, you’ll find more and more people suggesting to use ‘final’ everywhere. The main argument is by using ‘final’ we will have a code with less bug. This post will not argue with the up/down side of the suggestion, if you eager to do that, […]

Lambda4JDT: lambda expression on your Java code

This is just another proof how many people are starting to want some functional syntaxes on Java. Some lambda expressions are possible to be implemented using current Java, but there are just too many noise in the result. Lambda4JDT provides a new plugin for Eclipse that can collapse the noise in the implementation without changing […]

Antara Roy Suryo dan Donald Knuth

Siapa yang tidak kenal Roy Suryo? Meski banyak dihujat orang, ‘ahli’ telematika (dan ‘-tika -tika’ yang lain) yang satu ini pasti sudah tidak asing lagi di telinga orang Indonesia. Apalagi kalau mereka sering mengakses internet. Yeah, you’re included. After all, you read this blog post, right? Dan siapa pula yang tidak kenal dengan Donald Knuth? […]

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia di Mac

Sejak tahun lalu, Pusat Bahasa Departemen Pendidikan Nasional memperkenalkan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Daring (dalam jaringan) yang dapat diakses siapa saja. Sebagaimana versi cetaknya, KBBI daring ini sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan arti kata bahasa Indonesia, termasuk kata-kata yang jarang dikenal. Kamus daring ini kemudian diunduh dan diparsing oleh Steven Haryanto menjadi bentuk umum kamus yang […]