Eclipse plugin: Introduce Static Imports

The Static Import guide from Sun states: So when should you use static import? Very sparingly! Only use it when you’d otherwise be tempted to declare local copies of constants, or to abuse inheritance (the Constant Interface Antipattern). In other words, use it when you require frequent access to static members from one or two […]

multitail: colorize your log files

Love watching those log file flying on your screen? How about having that WITH color? MultiTail is small program that exactly does that. This application is available in *nix system and mac users can even use it from Macports. According to the website, the program is released with many color schemes for different log formats […]

Computing Map on Google Collections

Google always makes interesting projects. My toy nowadays is Google Collections. I don’t think I need to reintroduce it as it has been nicely covered on several blog posts: Introduction to Google Collections A series from CodeMunchies Beautiful code with Google Collections, Guava, and Static Imports Diving Into the Google Guava Library Functional Java Filtering […]