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4 TotalFinder Top Features

TotalFinder from binaryage offers nice features for old-aged Finder. This is four features I love from the software.

Tabbed Finder

Mac users have asked for tabbed Finder without luck. The best alternative they can find before is PathFinder. TotalFinder took other strategy and provided minimalistic improvement to standard Finder.

Narrow Tabbed Finder

They who worked on small screen will appreciate this narrowed tab option. With this option, TotalFinder took smaller area. Unfortunately, many who hate previous tab in Safari 4 Beta will also hate this. With narrower header, it is harder to click on the window.

Dual Mode Finder

Double click on TotalFinder with two tabs and you get dual mode Finder like old time Norton Commander. Very convenience for file management.

Prevent .DS_Store to be created

Not everyone appreciates how MacOS create .DS_Store automatically. With this, the problem is solved as automatically as it is created.


.DS_Store (Desktop Services Store) is a hidden file created by Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X operating system to store custom attributes of a folder such as the position of icons or the choice of a background image.

Android-based iPad alternative

1&1 released an android-based iPad alternative named as SmartPad. It features 7″ LED Touch-Display (compared to 9.7″ iPad) with resolution 800×480 (compared to 1024×768 of iPad). The weight is of course also lighter (0.47kg compared to 0.68kg). Moreover, the memory is same (256 MB) but the processor is just as half as iPad (500MHz). What’s interesting is it has SD card slot (which is a must, since the included flash drive is just 1GB) and USB port. Other features are pretty similar. You can check the detailed technical specification in this page.

It is currently sold together with 1&1 internet subscription with 24 months contract.

What do you think? Will this device be strong iPad contender?

Technically-Thorough Review about iPhone 4

Particularly, read the second page about iPhone 4 antenna. In short it can be concluded, that Apple somehow calibrate the bars too optimistically, probably because iPhone 4 is able to work at places where signal is very low. This problem is probably solvable by software update.

Second conclusion is that holding the iPhone 4 in certain way is in fact causes more problem compared to other smartphones. This is unfortunately won’t be solved just by upgrading the software.

Review: Talking Carl

Talking Carl is a simple application you can get from AppStore. Its idea is very simple. You’ll get Carl on your screen and if you touch him, tickle him, pinch him, he will react funnily. If you speak to him, it will repeat your sentence with funnier voice. It’s hilarious and both of my kids love it, even the one who is not yet 1 year.

It will be better if they add more interactions in the future though, like the background adjusted to the time of the day and something to see when we shake the device.

Anyway… it’s highly recommended.

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia di Mac

Sejak tahun lalu, Pusat Bahasa Departemen Pendidikan Nasional memperkenalkan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Daring (dalam jaringan) yang dapat diakses siapa saja. Sebagaimana versi cetaknya, KBBI daring ini sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan arti kata bahasa Indonesia, termasuk kata-kata yang jarang dikenal.


Kamus daring ini kemudian diunduh dan diparsing oleh Steven Haryanto menjadi bentuk umum kamus yang banyak beredar di Internet, yaitu StarDict. Hasilnya bisa diunduh disini.

Untuk pengguna Mac, kurang puas rasanya kalau harus menggunakan StarDict padahal sudah ada aplikasi Dictionary standar yang tersedia. Beruntung ada project mac-dictionary-kit yang menyediakan converter format StarDict ke Dictionary di Mac. File converternya bisa diunduh disini. Selanjutnya tinggal menginstall aplikasi tersebut dan menconvert KBBI versi StarDict, dan anda akan mendapatkan KBBI dalam aplikasi Dictionary di Mac anda.

Beberapa screenshot dari proses diatas:



Fixing Samba symbolic links' problem from Leopard

Oh no… all symbolic links are not accessible from Leopard. It shows error message that the target links can’t be found. They are OK with Tiger, so I’m thinking that there is a bug in Leopard. For a while, I can live with copying the file from Linux to Mac and worked with the copy in Mac. But when the first update of Leopard is out, it’s still not fixed so I somehow curious what really happen here.

So today I spent some time to examine the problem and found a suggestion from here to restart the samba server everytime mac connects to it. It’s not that convenient.

Reading more to the links given by it, I found out that simpler solution is available. Just by adding this line to smb.conf (in Ubuntu the location is /etc/samba/smb.conf), the problem can be resolved.

unix extensions = no