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Scala Developer’s Level

Martin Odersky wrote the leveling of Scala developers:

Level A1: Beginning application programmer
Java-like statements and expressions: standard operators, method calls, conditionals, loops, try/catch
class, object, def, val, var, import, package
Infix notation for method calls
Simple closures
Collections with map, filter, etc
Level A2: Intermediate application programmer
Pattern matching
Trait composition
Recursion, in particular tail recursion
XML literals
Level A3: Expert application programmer
Folds, i.e. methods such as foldLeft, foldRight
Streams and other lazy data structures
Combinator parsers
Level L1: Junior library designer
Type parameters
Lazy vals
Control abstraction, currying
By-name parameters
Level L2: Senior library designer
Variance annotations
Existential types (e.g., to interface with Java wildcards)
Self type annotations and the cake pattern for dependency injection
Structural types (aka static duck typing)
Defining map/flatmap/withFilter for new kinds of for-expressions
Level L3: Expert library designer
Early initializers
Abstract types
Implicit definitions
Higher-kinded types

I guess I’m not even on A1 level 🙂

Google Cloud Print?

Will it be a better solution than AirPrint?

By connecting your printer with the Google Cloud you will be able to print to your printer from any computer or smart phone, regardless of where you are. Just activate the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available to you from Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile apps.


While Google is obviously the only search engine for many people, it’s been lately spoiled by black SEO practice which causes a lot of spams in its search result.

Here comes a new search engine, which promises to filter spam websites and promises not to track its visitors. While it’s certainly not close enough to any major search engines out there, it has great promise and it is for us to see the future…

Removing vertical scrollbar from SyntaxHighlighter 3

An annoying bug in the new version of SyntaxHighlighter 3 shows vertical scrollbar on every code snippet.

To fix this, SSH to your hosting and change the code under syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter3/styles/shCore.css and change:

.syntaxhighlighter {
  overflow: auto !important;


.syntaxhighlighter {
  overflow: hidden !important;

Proof: Did you see vertical scrollbar on my snippet?