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Technically-Thorough Review about iPhone 4

Particularly, read the second page about iPhone 4 antenna. In short it can be concluded, that Apple somehow calibrate the bars too optimistically, probably because iPhone 4 is able to work at places where signal is very low. This problem is probably solvable by software update.

Second conclusion is that holding the iPhone 4 in certain way is in fact causes more problem compared to other smartphones. This is unfortunately won’t be solved just by upgrading the software.

Review: Talking Carl

Talking Carl is a simple application you can get from AppStore. Its idea is very simple. You’ll get Carl on your screen and if you touch him, tickle him, pinch him, he will react funnily. If you speak to him, it will repeat your sentence with funnier voice. It’s hilarious and both of my kids love it, even the one who is not yet 1 year.

It will be better if they add more interactions in the future though, like the background adjusted to the time of the day and something to see when we shake the device.

Anyway… it’s highly recommended.