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multitail: colorize your log files

Love watching those log file flying on your screen? How about having that WITH color?

MultiTail is small program that exactly does that. This application is available in *nix system and mac users can even use it from Macports.

According to the website, the program is released with many color schemes for different log formats including: Postfix, Apache, RSStail, Acctail, WTMPtail, Squid, Asterisk, Sendmail, Mailscanner, Samba, Exim, HTTPing, TCPdump, ISC-DHCPD, Bind, Smartmontools, Kerberos, NTPd, nagtail, WebSphere (SystemErr), NNTPcache, Veritas Netbackup procmail, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Netscape directory server (LDAP), log4j, ClamAV, p0f, sysstat, portsentry, pppd, strace, Linux firewall (netfilter) logging, Argus, Snort, Motion, IBM AIX errpt, MySQL error log, BOINC, acpitail, netstat.

Fixing Samba symbolic links' problem from Leopard

Oh no… all symbolic links are not accessible from Leopard. It shows error message that the target links can’t be found. They are OK with Tiger, so I’m thinking that there is a bug in Leopard. For a while, I can live with copying the file from Linux to Mac and worked with the copy in Mac. But when the first update of Leopard is out, it’s still not fixed so I somehow curious what really happen here.

So today I spent some time to examine the problem and found a suggestion from here to restart the samba server everytime mac connects to it. It’s not that convenient.

Reading more to the links given by it, I found out that simpler solution is available. Just by adding this line to smb.conf (in Ubuntu the location is /etc/samba/smb.conf), the problem can be resolved.

unix extensions = no