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If you use Eclipse a lot you must have your favorite keyboard shortcut. Here are mine:

  1. Context Assist (CTRL+SPACE), I believe this is all favorite since they just have so many functionality. You want assistance about class name/method name/variable name. You get all. More than that, it also shows the template available for the context. It even suggests the possible variable name/method name. And it works in all places, even in the dialogs. This is a must know keyboard shortcut for all Eclipse user. Without it, you just will not get anything from Eclipse.
  2. Format (Shift+Ctrl+F), I usually type anything as fast as I can without bothering the format of the code. This shortcut will tidy up all the clutter and make my code readable.
  3. Save (Ctrl+S). OK, I know that this is a must for nearly all applications.
  4. Quick Fix (Ctrl+1). You get error or warning? Many times you will find that this shortcut can solve the problem for you.
  5. Rename (Ctrl+2+R). Since I’m a refactoring guy, I never escape from this task, renaming variables/methods/classes.
  6. Quick Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+T). Nice way to get information about classes tree without opening JavaDoc

So if you are also using Eclipse, what’s your favorite keyboard shortcut?

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