Using Eclipse WTP for developing application under Websphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE)

This tutorial assumes that you already have Eclipse WTP (Galileo) and WAS CE (2.1) installed correctly. To make sure that your Websphere is installed correctly, start the server and go to the console. If you can do so, you’re in the right track. After that, just shutdown the server because we will manage the server from Eclipse.

After that, the first step is to install the Eclipse plugin for WAS CE. This plugin contains several things, and one of it is WTP server adapter for WAS CE. The update site for the plugin is

Restart Eclipse like usual after installing the plugin.

Now we are ready to develop our first project under WAS CE. Create a new ‘Dynamic Web Project’. You’ll get something like this:


What’s important here is to change the Target runtime to ‘IBM WASCE 2.1’, so if you haven’t had one, you should create a new target runtime by clicking the ‘New…’ button. I think the creation of target runtime is pretty self explanatory. You just need to put the directory name of where you installed the WAS CE. This step is critical because if you don’t change the Target runtime now, the application can’t be run correctly from Eclipse.

After that, you will be asked to put the usual information for a dynamic web project but if click next and next, you will get a custom ‘Geronimo Deployment Plan’. Here you need to put the name of group id, artifact id, version, and artifact type. This information is needed because your application will be seen like a normal system resource, which can be a library or an web application.


After that you will get a new web project. What’s different in this web project is there is a geronimo-web.xml under WEB-INF and IBM WASCE 2.1.will added as referenced library.

You can start developing your web application and running it using normal way.

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