4 TotalFinder Top Features

TotalFinder from binaryage offers nice features for old-aged Finder. This is four features I love from the software.

Tabbed Finder

Mac users have asked for tabbed Finder without luck. The best alternative they can find before is PathFinder. TotalFinder took other strategy and provided minimalistic improvement to standard Finder.

Narrow Tabbed Finder

They who worked on small screen will appreciate this narrowed tab option. With this option, TotalFinder took smaller area. Unfortunately, many who hate previous tab in Safari 4 Beta will also hate this. With narrower header, it is harder to click on the window.

Dual Mode Finder

Double click on TotalFinder with two tabs and you get dual mode Finder like old time Norton Commander. Very convenience for file management.

Prevent .DS_Store to be created

Not everyone appreciates how MacOS create .DS_Store automatically. With this, the problem is solved as automatically as it is created.

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