Eclipse's Team Project Set: Easier Collaboration

Eclipse has this feature Team Project Set which is rarely used. Really rarely I must say.

The point of Team Project Set is when you have many projects on your workspace that build the entire application. People often ask new developers to just check out each project from CVS/SVN. While this works, it is certainly not efficient. With Team Project Set, you will get the same result just by several mouse clicks.

To use Team Project Set, first you have to have a workspace fully configured for your application. Now, click anywhere the Package View and select Export. Select Team Project Set from the list. You should get this dialog window.

Now select the projects you want to include in the Team Project Set and click Next. Select the target file and click finish. Your job is done. Now you can share the project set file to the new developers.

In the new workspace, you can do the reversed step that you do before. Do Import and select Team Project Set.

The next step is self-explanatory, select the project set file you’ve created before and click finish. Depends on the size of your projects, the process will take time anywhere from couple of seconds until several hours. And there you go, the complete projects of your application configured with the SCM.

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