Hi! I’m Nanda.

I work as a Software Developer in Germany. I usually use Java to do my work but I’m also interested to work with Objective-C, for Mac or for iPhone/iPad. I’m obsessed with clean code and can’t live normally seeing bad code around me (this means I usually spend a week or more to clean legacy code before I can actually work). Unfortunately, I always realize later that my code was somehow also bad :(.

I like Scala. I love how it uses JVM and adds so many features above it. One think I’d like to have is a better support for recursive code. In such case, Scala’s efficiency is not much better as Java. If only we can code a recursive code without worrying on getting StackOverflowException.

I always hate Flash, but at the same time always amazed on how Flash can bring value to some websites. Unfortunately, the list is not long, so you’ll find me cursing Flash more often that not.

Currently I’m living in Bonn with my wife and my two sons.


  • Facebook, I almost lost my interest from it.
  • Twitter, I use it to get freebies 😀
  • StackOverflow, use to be here every day but not anymore nowadays.
  • Linkedin, never really on it.
  • TopCoder, used to be really active on it.

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  1. Assalamu’alaykum wr wb
    Salam kenal Mas Nanda, saya Thomhert. Nemu blognya pas baca blognya Pak Renaldi Munir. Ada blog tentang experience-nya selama di Eropa ga Mas? Pengen baca-baca ^_^


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