4 TotalFinder Top Features

TotalFinder from binaryage offers nice features for old-aged Finder. This is four features I love from the software. Tabbed Finder Mac users have asked for tabbed Finder without luck. The best alternative they can find before is PathFinder. TotalFinder took other strategy and provided minimalistic improvement to standard Finder. Narrow Tabbed Finder They who worked […]

Technically-Thorough Review about iPhone 4

Particularly, read the second page about iPhone 4 antenna. In short it can be concluded, that Apple somehow calibrate the bars too optimistically, probably because iPhone 4 is able to work at places where signal is very low. This problem is probably solvable by software update. Second conclusion is that holding the iPhone 4 in […]

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia di Mac

Sejak tahun lalu, Pusat Bahasa Departemen Pendidikan Nasional memperkenalkan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Daring (dalam jaringan) yang dapat diakses siapa saja. Sebagaimana versi cetaknya, KBBI daring ini sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan arti kata bahasa Indonesia, termasuk kata-kata yang jarang dikenal. Kamus daring ini kemudian diunduh dan diparsing oleh Steven Haryanto menjadi bentuk umum kamus yang […]

Fixing Samba symbolic links' problem from Leopard

Oh no… all symbolic links are not accessible from Leopard. It shows error message that the target links can’t be found. They are OK with Tiger, so I’m thinking that there is a bug in Leopard. For a while, I can live with copying the file from Linux to Mac and worked with the copy […]