4 TotalFinder Top Features

TotalFinder from binaryage offers nice features for old-aged Finder. This is four features I love from the software.

Tabbed Finder

Mac users have asked for tabbed Finder without luck. The best alternative they can find before is PathFinder. TotalFinder took other strategy and provided minimalistic improvement to standard Finder.

Narrow Tabbed Finder

They who worked on small screen will appreciate this narrowed tab option. With this option, TotalFinder took smaller area. Unfortunately, many who hate previous tab in Safari 4 Beta will also hate this. With narrower header, it is harder to click on the window.

Dual Mode Finder

Double click on TotalFinder with two tabs and you get dual mode Finder like old time Norton Commander. Very convenience for file management.

Prevent .DS_Store to be created

Not everyone appreciates how MacOS create .DS_Store automatically. With this, the problem is solved as automatically as it is created.

Android-based iPad alternative

1&1 released an android-based iPad alternative named as SmartPad. It features 7″ LED Touch-Display (compared to 9.7″ iPad) with resolution 800×480 (compared to 1024×768 of iPad). The weight is of course also lighter (0.47kg compared to 0.68kg). Moreover, the memory is same (256 MB) but the processor is just as half as iPad (500MHz). What’s interesting is it has SD card slot (which is a must, since the included flash drive is just 1GB) and USB port. Other features are pretty similar. You can check the detailed technical specification in this page.

It is currently sold together with 1&1 internet subscription with 24 months contract.

What do you think? Will this device be strong iPad contender?

Eclipse Helios: 5 JDT Improvements

Helios has been released. This simultaneous release includes more projects but many people still regard Eclipse as Java IDE. So in this post, I want to share the most important JDT improvements that I think will be loved by most Java developers.

Java Formatter Improvements

I’ve discussed this improvements on my other post.

Package Abbreviation

This is a very nice touch improvement especially if you’re working with a big projects. The abbreviation can be set on Preference → Java → Appearance. Check the Abbreviate package names box and set the rules.

Better Generic Support

The support for Java generic is improved. In the formatter, in the javadoc, in the javadoc hover… Overall. Is better. This is including the fix for my little generic quiz and bugs mentioned in the bug list.

New Icon for Build Problems

It’s always weird seeing a project with error but no resource is marked as error. With this new icon, I hope I will be less confused next time I encounter a build problems.

Debugger detailed view

This is the one I love most. I discussed this feature before on my other post. The problem is, changing the properties via dialog isn’t really comfortable. With this improvement, you can edit all breakpoint properties without opening any dialog.

Serious mode: How to print from iPad and iPhone

This application exactly does it. You probably need to make a screenshot of the page you want to print and then use it in the application. Costs $2.99, not so bad.

I’ve tried it with my Samsung laser printer connected to my Mac desktop and it worked flawlessly. Just don’t forget to share the printer beforehand.

Eclipse Tips: Debugging your multi-thread application

One of difficulty in debugging a multi-thread application is that there are several threads running at one time and if you are defining a standard breakpoint in your application, it will only break the related thread. The other threads will be still running.

Eclipse actually has provided a tool to break all threads in the same JVM which can be quite useful in such case. You must open the breakpoint properties window from your breakpoint definition and there you will get a dialog like following.


The bottom combo box can be changed to suspend VM.


If you do something like this your entire VM will be suspended in case of a breakpoint is reached. That won’t make creating a multi-thread any easier, but at least the tool will help you locate the bug you create.